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For anyone who hasn’t already got the Tessie app, it’s well worth it.

To start the UI is really nice, clean and intuitive, in fact the app as a whole is really simple to use. Which is great as a lot of apps seem to focus on packing in as many features as possible without any regard as to how the app feels to use or looks.

So the basic overview of the app is that it does everything the Tesla app does but also gives more granular control of your cars features like fully customisable charge schedules, the ability to set custom intelligent alerts for example getting a notification if it’s about to rain and your windows are open. Ability to control you car from Apple Watch and desktop browser. Driving/charging history and analytics, battery health management allows you to view your battery degradation and compare it to others. Also it allows for Siri, Alex and Google home integration.

But by far the favourite feature is the fact it also supports IOS shortcuts, which in turn allows me to use automations so one can fully integrate my car into my smarthome. I do shift work so start at different times everyday, I can now get up and don’t even have to pick up my phone, siri on my HomePod will start my morning routine (tell me my to-do list, the weather, turn on the kettle etc). And now will also read out the cars battery percentage, vent the car if it’s hot, start preheating/cooling the car 10 minutes before I’m due to leave. It’s is honestly amazing. I always put my bag for work in the frunk, and I have it set so that on the days I work as I open the garage door a motion sensor triggers the frunk to open and unlocks the charger. You can really get creative with the automations.