Charge. Drive. | Why Rent

  • Eco-Chic Cruising: Experience the thrill of eco-friendly luxury by renting a Tesla from Charge. Drive. Zip through Aussie streets in style while leaving nothing but electric vibes behind. It's the perfect way to turn heads and show your commitment to a greener planet.
  • Electrifying Performance: Get ready to feel the power! Tesla vehicles are renowned for their jaw-dropping acceleration and ultra-smooth rides. From zipping around city corners to embarking on scenic road trips, a Tesla rental guarantees an electrifying adventure like no other.
  • Adventure Amplified: Australia's stunning landscapes are waiting to be explored, and a Tesla rental is your ticket to amplified adventures. Cruise along coastal drives, venture into national parks, and soak in the beauty of this vast country—all while enjoying the comfort and style of a Tesla.
  • Charge Up, Go Far: Australia's charging network is on point! With Tesla Superchargers and destination chargers scattered across the country, you'll have no trouble finding a charge on your journey. Cruise with confidence, knowing you can easily juice up and hit the road again.
  • Service with a Spark: At Charge. Drive., we're all about sparking joy! Our friendly team is here to make your Tesla rental journey seamless and stress-free. We'll help you choose the perfect vehicle, provide charging tips, and ensure you have a fantastic time behind the wheel.
  • Flexibility with Flair: Don't commit to one car when you can have it all. Renting a Tesla offers the flexibility to switch up your wheels and embrace the ultimate in automotive innovation. It's like having a new ride for every occasion—turning everyday errands into exhilarating escapades.
  • Memorable Moments: Make your special moments truly unforgettable with a Tesla rental. Imagine cruising to your wedding or turning heads at a special event in a luxury electric vehicle. It's not just a ride; it's an experience that adds a dash of class and a spark of fun to any occasion.

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