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Choose Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y, ready for rideshare now.

Why use Tesla for rideshare?

  • ~$30 per day "fuel" cost (electric cost)
  • Unlimited personal use
  • COI included
  • BHSL included
  • Maintenance & Tyres included
  • Optional Insurance
  • Support for your Tesla, from expert Tesla Uber drivers
  • Uber Comfort Electric eligible
  • Uber Comfort eligible
  • Uber Electric eligible
  • Uber Premier eligible
  • 50% off Uber Service Fee eligible, for drivers already signed.
  • Zero emissions
  • Tesla Premium data included
  • Access to Tesla Superchargers, billed per use
  • Full Tesla App access
  • At home charging support included
  • Riders love to ride in your Tesla
  • Improved driver comfort
  • Less driver fatigue
  • Personal EV training at signup


  • QLD Driver's License
  • QLD Driver's Authorisation
  • Minimum 4.85 star Uber Driver rating
  • Proof of Uber income