Charge. Drive. | How It Works

Rental | Eligibility

a. To rent a Tesla vehicle from Charge. Drive., you must be at least 25 years old and possess a valid driver's license. Your Driver's License may be validated using digital processing.

b. Additional requirements, such as a clean driving record and a major credit card for security deposit, may apply.

c. Renters must download and create a Tesla account and have the Tesla App installed on their smart phone.

d. Vehicle Access is granted via the Tesla App. Renters will LOCATE and UNLOCK the car via the Tesla App.

Reservation | Rental Period

a. Reservations can be made through our website or by contacting our customer service team.

b. The rental period begins and ends at the agreed-upon dates and times specified in the reservation. c. Extensions to the rental period must be requested in advance and are subject to availability.

Vehicle Usage | Who Can Drive

a. The rented Tesla vehicle should only be driven by the individual(s) listed on the rental agreement.

b. The vehicle should be operated in accordance with all applicable traffic laws and regulations.

c. Any unauthorized use, including but not limited to racing, off-road driving, or illegal activities, is strictly prohibited.

Insurance | Liability

a. Charge. Drive. provides comprehensive insurance coverage for the rented Tesla vehicle, subject to certain deductibles and limitations.

b. The renter is responsible for any deductibles or damages not covered by insurance, including but not limited to accidents, theft, or vandalism.

Charging | Fees 

a. The rented Tesla vehicle will be provided with 80% charge or greater at the start of the rental period.

b. It is the renter's responsibility to ensure the vehicle has sufficient charge throughout the rental duration.

c. Charging fees and any associated costs for additional charging equipment or services are the renter's responsibility.

Return of the Vehicle | Cancellation & Refunds

a. The rented Tesla vehicle must be returned to the designated drop-off location at the agreed-upon date and time.

b. Late returns may incur additional charges unless an extension has been approved in advance.

c. The vehicle should be returned in the same condition as when rented, with a similar charge level as pickup and a clean interior.

d. Cancellations made within a specified time frame may be eligible for a refund, subject to a cancellation fee.

e. Refunds are not provided for early returns or unused rental days.